Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Adventist Deaf Ministries International


Adventist International Congress

for Deaf and Deaf-Blind 

Friday March 12 at 18:00 to 19:00 
Bern time zone
Saturday March 13 at 14:00 to 16:00
Bern time zone

Everybody is welcome!

ATTENTION Link for the Zoom Meeting :

Meeting ID: 912 9975 7783

This Zoom meeting will start
on Friday 12 March at 17:30 Bern time

With the same link, the Zoom meeting will start
on Saturday 13 March at 13:30 Bern Time

In case you cannot enter because of Zoom limits, follow the programme
on Fabebook:
and on Youtube

The programme main language is English and will be translated in :
Spanish, French, Italian, German,
Romanian, Czech, Portuguese
Sign languages

      For interpretation: please, look for the interpreter with the flag corresponding to your language.  

The programme is developped as a videoconference module. The digital platform is ZOOM.
The programme can be watched on computer, smartphone and/or tablet. 
On the computer you just click on the Zoom link. For the smartphone and tablet, i
t is needed to have the Zoom App. If you don't have it yet, you should download the Zoom App for smartphone and/or tablet.

The regular screen view will show a gallery of up to 49 participants, otherwise the gallery will be displayed in several pages. On the smartphones and tablets you can see only part of the participants.

Here some instructions to see the interpreters.

In order to see your interpreter, please select the interpreter from the whole group.

You can recognise your interpreter with the flag of your country language.

When the programme is started, the speaker appear prominent and when he/she shares his/her screen, you have the screen with a video or another image and the speaker beside the image. 

On the up right side you have a button with different module to see the participants: gallery, speaker, ...

Click with the mouse on Side-by-side: Gallery and look for the image of your interpreter. 
Once you have identified the interpreter, click on the blue square with three dots, right side up and choose "Pin".

The interpreter will appear beside the main image. In order to enlarge the interpreter as the main image, drag to the left the line between the two images.  

To return to the main image, click on the top left of the screen: "unpin the video".
The video of the person who is speaking will appear, click on "Switch to sharing content" and the video message will appear again. When the speaker close the function "sharing screen", you will see again the whole group.

If you would like to see the moderator or the interpreter, "pin" again on his/her image, and he/she will appear larger on the screen.

We apologize if there will be technical problems during the broadcast, but in any case we will try to resolve them in a short time.

Download the poster here         Download the FB Banner here

If you cannot use Zoom, you can participate

via Facebook (non-interactive)

via YouTube (non-interactive).